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Tori's Pregnancy Ultrasound

7/7/17 One Female Puppy Available!

We currently have only 1 female still available, female #1. She is a beautiful, correct, liver caped female with tons of bird drive but also the calm disposition that just wants to cuddle every opportunity she can get. She loves people, loves attention, and would excel in any home, whether it be a family pet, hunting dog, or performance ring prospect home. Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing this girl.


Tori's temperature dropped Sunday night, 4/30. She went into labor Monday morning and had her first puppy just before 1pm. She had a total of 11 puppies, 7 of which are girls and 4 are boys! We have a huge variety of facial markings and patches. We are so excited to see how this pups turn out! Visit our Puppy Pictures page for more pictures!

Tori at 3 weeks gestation.


Happy National Puppy Day!

Tori has been confirmed pregnant via ultrasound! At least 7 or 8 embryos have been identified with the possibility for several more!

3/5/17- 3/8/17

Tori has been bred to Phoenix


Tori is due in about 1 month! Her expected due date is May 5th! She's definitely starting to show! Puppies are still available!

Contact Us if you are interested!


Tori came into the office at Sunrise Equine today for her puppy count x-rays. Her belly has really grown in the last week and it took multiple views to get her whole belly imaged. It's difficult to estimate puppies due to all the overlapping but we are guessing about 11! It's going to be a big litter!

Puppy Updates!

Keep checking back for more updates!

11/01/2017 The puppies are 6 months old!

All the puppies are in their new homes and doing great. Three of the puppies have already started their show careers. Several of the puppies have begun their hunting training and introduction and are doing great. All of the puppy owners agree that their puppies are overs and are great family pets. We get occasional updates from most of the puppies and love to see their pictures and hear how they are doing. Below are a few of the pictures I've received over the last few months! 

6/25/17 Puppies Still Available!

Puppy picks have taken place. We currently have 1 male and 2 females available. Male #8 and Female #1 and #7 are still available to approved homes. Please Contact Us for a puppy application form or with any questions! These puppies are structurally very correct, are showing great bird drive, and will excel as performance dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, and of course loving family pets.


Tori is about 6 1/2 weeks along and is starting to become less active.


Tori is about 5 weeks along and her belly continues to grow!


Happy Easter! Tori is about 6 weeks along today and has started some mammary development.

Chrishelle Farm and GSP's


Tori is due in just 1 week! She is huge and can't wait to be done with this pregnancy. 11+ puppies is going to be a lot of work for this momma!