Chrishelle Farm and GSP's

Versatility is our Specialty!

The Guineas

We currently have 2 guinea fowl. These birds lay eggs in the spring and summer, but their primary job is to eat insects, particularly ticks, during the non-winter months.

In Loving Memory of: Ernie

Ernie was a house cat that adopted Chris and Michelle in 2008. He was abandoned at a house Chris and Michelle were renting at the time and he became their first pet as a married couple. He was too sweet not to claim as their own. Ernie was Michelle's most beloved cat and spent every night curled up in their bed. We don't know how old Ernie was, but he was estimated to be in his late teens or even 20 by the time his health failed and he crossed the rainbow bridge. He will forever live in our hearts.  

George and Ginger

George and Ginger are our 2 year old barn cats. They are littermates from Chris's grandparent's farm. They are friendly and cuddly and do a nice job at keeping the rodent population down on the farm.


Melvin in a long haired indoor/outdoor cat born in 2013. He's mischievous and likes to get himself in trouble. He likes to hang out in the sinks and drink from the faucets. He also loves to cuddle with Chris and Michelle, Ernie and Tori.