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The puppies are two and a half weeks old and have opened their eyes and ears! They are really starting to show their ticking and are cruising around the whelping box. They love to snuggle and are starting to show little personality quirks.


Tori's breeders from Aus Dem Norden Kennel visited today and helped us evaluate puppy conformation and narrow in on our choice puppy. Check out our Puppy Pictures for more pictures! The puppies are eating mostly puppy food as Tori has begun the weaning process. They received their first mini bath yesterday and have also received several nail trimmings. At this time we still have one male puppy available. Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing a puppy. Check out the facebook link at the top of the page for even more pictures and videos!

Tori at 6 weeks gestation



Tori's temperature dropped Monday morning, 4/11, and she began showing strong nesting behavior and becoming gradually more uncomfortable throughout the day. She broke her first water at 2am on 4/12 but the first puppy didn't arrive until 7:40 am. The last arrived about 11am. Tori had 4 girls and 5 boys. All puppies are healthy and doing well. Check out our Puppy Pictures page for more pictures! As you can see, all the puppies came out with similar markings, including liver patched head and rump, variable patches over the back and sides, and various face markings from a small star to a large blaze. Their white bodies will gradually become more ticked as they age and will likely be very similar to their parents in ticking.


Tori was breed to Carlyle with the last cover on Valentines Day! Tori's Due Date will be about April 15th!


Tori Confirmed Pregnant Via Ultrasound! About 8 tiny embryos identified on ultrasound! Final count will occur via x-ray one week prior to her due date.


Tori is about 1 month pregnant and starting to show! She also brought home her Grand Champion plaque and Junior Hunter Certificate from the German Shorthair Pointer Club of Minnesota Banquet tonight!


Tori is only 3 weeks from her due date. Her belly is really growing and she is starting some udder development! We can't wait to x-ray her and find out how many to expect!


Puppy X-Rays! I can count at least 8!

How many do you see?


Tori is 8 weeks pregnant!

Only 1 week from her due date!

She's looking like she want's to go a little early!

Tori at 5 weeks gestation

Puppy Updates!

Puppy updated from the 2016 litter

Tori at 8 weeks gestation

Tori at 2 weeks gestation